Life & Work Updates

Life & Work Updates

So, it's been a strange little stint of my life. I've been away from full-time work for a while and have been focusing on myself. It's been healthy.

Professional Life

As many know, I left Frontier Developments a few months back. This decision was one that I made to give myself time to consider what to do next and where I wanted to go from there. At this point, I've been in the games industry - specifically Community Management - for just over seven years and going forward with what I want to achieve with my life I needed a break from that. Whether I stayed within the industry was a matter of what I felt would allow me the freedom with my own projects and work-life balance.

There were some remote working opportunities that ultimately didn't pan out, but then I received a message from my friend Chris about a job as CM for Paradox. Around this point I'd been away from full time work for about a month or two, so I'd had sufficient time to 'chill' so to speak. I spent this time with family and doing nothing on the professional side of things. Chillaxication, as it were. My decision is that I want to remain active in my work within the games industry and ultimately it's where I wanted to be. I simply needed: a break, some time to recharge, to spend some uninterrupted 'me' time on personal projects, and also a job opportunity with a new focus on work-life balance.

That's where Paradox comes into this. I got the CM job that I applied for and start next week... I hope, since the apartment side of things are still in flux and could delay my move-in date and, subsequently, my starting date by a few days. I digress (something I do often.) This answers the work-life balance part of things because Sweden's very good with that sort of thing generally (hurray for progressive countries!) and as far as personal projects this has been something that's been agreed ahead of time and is a-okay. I will be able to work on my plethora of things that I want to work on, like those fully-completed pieces of art (12) by the end of the year that I'm falling REALLY behind on... or creating posters/artwork that I can sell (if anyone wants them)... streaming... creating lore for a large D&D campaign... creating art for D&D maps/areas... etc.

This move and change is a good one, I think :)

Project: Video Game Development

Still something I'm working on, but as a solo project with limited experience... well, it's taking some time.

So far the general basis of the game and the structure of the world has progressed to a decent level. The second 'world' within the game, however, is one that ties in with a D&D campaign that I'm writing. The events of the D&D campaign will influence and inform the events of the in-game-in-game world (inception style!)

This will be a long-term work in progress, but I'm having a great deal of fun with the challenges that come up because solving them is the most rewarding part of any learning process.

Project: D&D Campaign

Something I've been 'working on' for a while is a D&D 5e campaign (actually, two) that I'm really quite excited by. The premise of the campaign is to use the story to inform the baseline for the fantasy world that will exist and be played as an 'MMO' of my game's characters. So, while I'm using 5e and probably going to have most of the religions that exist in Toril/Faerûn, etc., each will serve as a marker point and be changed when it makes its way into my game.

This is mostly for ease-of-play for the D&D campaign, and allows people to play it without having to know the lore of my world. Initially the route of creating a homebrew campaign was really enticing, but the work required wasn't really worth it. I'll continue with the 5e/FR rules and lore for now.

That said, I've been working on a couple of items that are really cool. I will definitely be sharing more about them if/when my intrepid adventurers discover the secrets! So far only a weapon for a Ranger and another for Rogue exists. Maybe the group I muster up for this campaign won't even have one of those classes...? ;)

Project: Streaming

This is definitely going to continue. Recently I've been living back at my parents' while I sort out travel to Sweden, so I pretty much haven't had the space or the privacy to stream without external disruption or noise bleeding. I will be getting right back to it once all of my kit is shipped out to Stockholm with me, though.

I have a decently sized and swanky apartment lined up so once I move in I will get to work setting up a place I can pitch up a desk and get back to that stream life. I miss it. I miss playing games and hanging out. I miss talking shit about nothing in particular. We'll get back to that, promise!

Other Stuff

There's probably a bunch more I should write about, but currently it's not coming to mind and I'm not of their relevance in all of this. Anyway... That's it for now.


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