Another Personal Update

Another Personal Update

It's been a while since I wrote anything substantial anywhere but on the Stellaris forums (that's my job now) and feel like I've been neglecting this blog a little, as I'm one to do often with these kinds of things.

It's been an age since I last streamed (5-6 months now!) and I really, really want to get back to that. Considering doing a short-ish creative stream this stream to create a piece of art or something. This is still undecided, since I have a bit of work to do and also Sunday morning is D&D day. That said, I want to try and find time to do it.


It's been about a month and a bit since I started at Paradox Interactive and I have to say that it's been fantastic. Never before have I felt so at home so quickly in a new workplace. I have a fantastic community team to work with, a great marketing team for the products I'm working on, and generally a really good network of other folks that I have fika, lunch, or after-hours gaming sessions with. It's good times!

Gamescom is coming up and I will be there this year, which means I have some prep to do for that, but I've got a good vibe and feeling about this. I'll definitely want to meet up with some old friends from across the industry, but I'm also looking forward to meeting up with the Paradox community. It'll be a blast :)


I've been doing a little bit of art, though nowhere near as much as I did before I stopped streaming. It's something I really need to fix, but for the time being here are a couple of pieces that I put together really quickly.



My friends, Erik and Robynne, in their chibiness glory. :3

That's basically it for now. I just wanted to jot something down here so that I don't forget to keep adding to this site and do more. Also wanted to talk about streaming. I want to, and need to, get back into it... It's a huge hole in my life.

Anyway, toodles!

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